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The Visitor

27 november 2011

Tekst: Joost Belinfante (1970)
Muziek: Joost Belinfante/Jaap van Beusekom/Ernst Jansz

The Visitor

‘I am a simple merchant, sir
singing is my trade
thirty years I lived to see
for more I often prayed
your fame rings wide
you’re common said
a noble man to be
so down this heavy road I came
your present wealth to see
and ask you very humbly sir
do you remember me?’

I looked and saw the singer’s looks
his eyes they seemed to stare
the lamplight on his gentle brow
I’d know him anywhere
said he: ‘it was in Denver town
late one summer night
out on the street two bums kneeled down
a third one stood aside
next morning there they found a man
who overnight had died

since then I sing the saddest songs
my eyes they shine no more
it is a hunted man you see
though guiltless is his core
now here I stand and beg you sir,
release my fate so sore
you are the only one to know
what I’ve been searching for’
said I: ‘I do not know your face’
and softly locked the door