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On A Junction

6 december 2011

Tekst en Muziek: Joost Belinfante/Ernst Jansz

On A Junction

thousand miles from this junction
down in some southern state
maybe my love waits for me
and I hope I’ll get there before it’s too late

three years before last summer
for months we waited for rain
but the lord did not answer our prayers
and the cattle was dyin’ out in the plains

then one day the creek stopped runnin’
my kid was cryin’ for thirst
there grew no crops to harvest
and we all for the winter expected the worst

early in october
when the meadows still were brown
one night I picked up my blanket
and watched by the dogs I slipped out of town

oh mama I know I was wrong
loneliness tells me now where I belong
oh mama ‘feel stripped to the bone
I’m sick and I’m sorry and on my way home